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Online Documentation - How To Find Zip Password

Online Documentation > How To Find Zip Password

How to find Zip password using Zip Password Recovery Tool - Typical Workflow

Typical workflow with Zip Password Recovery Tool implies the following steps:

1. Selecting ZIP file

Use "Browse"  button to select ZIP/SFX-ZIP archive You'd like to get the password for.

2. Selecting search method and setting the options

Zip Password Tool supports following search methods:

  • Brute-force attack
  • Dictionary based attack

Brute-force method tries all possible passwords, which are generated using a given set of characters. Setting of the Brute-force mode options is described in the Brute-Force Attack section.

The Dictionary-search mode is similar to Brute-force mode. But in this case the passwords will be read from a dictionary file. Setting of the Dictionary mode options is described in the Dictionary Search section.

3. Recovery process and getting the results

Click on the "Start" button to start zip password recovery process.

There are 3 fields at the bottom of the program’s window, that shows the state of the password recovery process. These are the "current password", the "current speed" and the recovery progress bar with elapsed and remaining time.

You can interrupt the recovery process at any time by pressing the "Stop" button and resume its execution later from the same point.

When the recovery process is finished, the results of the search will be displayed in the message log. The possible results are "Password is…" or "Process finished. Password is not found".

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