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Online Documentation > Dictionary Search mode

Using of Dictionary Search mode to find Zip password *

Dictionary-search mode is similar to Brute-force mode. But in this case the passwords will be read from a dictionary file.

* (*) This mode is available only in registered version.

Setting of the Dictionary based attack options:

1. Click on the "Dictionary Mode" tab to activate the Dictionary search mode.

2. Use the "Browse"  button to select dictionary file.

* You can download some dictionary files from Password Dictionaries or from

3. Select following check boxes to apply additional case changes to each dictionary word:

  • lowercase changes ("wOrd" -> "word") *
  • UPPERCASE changes ("wOrd" -> "WORD") *
  • Title changes ("wOrd" -> "Word") *
  • MixEDcase changes - try all possible case combinations of current dictionary word (very slow)
* (*) Both of this words (initial and changed) wood be tested during password recovery process.

4. Start recovery process by clicking on “Start” button.

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